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How to make your home safe from burglary

Securing doors that lead outside is very important.

By making small changes around your home, you can help deter criminals from approaching or casing your home for their next crime.

- Securing doors that lead outside is very important. Locking these doors when leaving the home helps assure that only you and your famliy members can come and go from your


Locking doors when at home assures addional safety.

- Doors should be solid core wood or metal. Deadbolt locks should have a 1 inch throw bolt. Peep holes should be at a level that all persons in the home. including children, can see through.

-sliding glass doors should include a secondary lock or blocking device that keeps the door from sliding open if the locking mechanism is compromised.
This can be broomstick placed on inside track.

- Security company stickers placed in visible areas helps prevent break-ins.

- Windows are not to be overlooked.

- Keep enteryways well lit or install motion lights.

- When you're away, put a few indoor lights on timers.

- Having an alarm system installed can be well worth the money investd.

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